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Battles are brutal. Especially the wars that rage in our hearts and minds, paralyzing us with anxiety and defeating us with fear.
But in a letter written while suffering in prison, a first century Christian leader declared joyful triumph in the midst of his battles. For Paul, the struggle itself had become a beautiful fight.
And in this letter, he shared timeless, hard-earned wisdom that can guide us through to our battles today:
  • How does one navigate the storms of anxiety to arrive on the shores of joy?
  • How can we respond to hostility, adversity and injustice without succumbing to chaos, confusion, and despair?
  • How have Christians throughout history faced even physical threats with such practical courage?


In Beautiful Fight, Nathan Oates reflects on Paul's much-needed, timeless wisdom.

Beautiful Fight: Anxiety and Joy in Paul's Letter to the Philippians

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